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about us

The founder of your company is Lenka Kofroňová who founded Šik atelier von Kofrau s.r.o. in 1996. Even after sixteen years she is still engaged in design and she is eager to learn something new every day.

Clients of Šik atelier von Kofrau pay attention to detail, work done in the perfect way, superior materials of carefully selected quality, professional service and counselling, in which the client's benefit is at the first place so that everything is beautiful and original, but also practical.

Our vision is to think on your behalf in discovering your "tastes" when furnishing interiors. We mean places where you feel good and where you like to be. It does not matter if the place is your flat, house, chalet, workplace or another place. We really care that you feel comfortable and free anywhere you choose. We will help you finish your interior so that it is nice, inspiring, and tasteful to you and so that it shows each visitor your personality without extra words.

Our team 

Our objective is that our clients believe our abilities and come back to us. Our own success is the fact that our customers consider experience with us so pleasurable that they will share it with their family and friends who also like comfort, rich experience of professionals and another brain thinking for their benefit when furnishing interior decorations. During the visit to the atelier, clients can park in the building yard.

About us

About us